Charity Details

The Thatcham (Old Bluecoat School) Charity is a UK Registered Charity. Its Charity Number is 1106343.

It is also a Registered Company Limited by Guarantee. The company registration number is 06229774.  The members of the charity are:

  • Barbara Wootton – Patron
  • Christopher Turner – Life President
  • Clive Williams OBE – Chairman of Trustees
  • Mark Thomas – Vice Chairman / Trustee
  • Colin Heslop – Company Secretary
  • Angela Bates – Trustee / Cashier / Lettings
  • Bob Dewey – Trustee
  • Sheila Ellison – Trustee
  • Malcolm Langford – Trustee
  • Nathan Gregory – Trustee and Thatcham Town Council Representative
  • Simon Witcomb – Honorary Treasurer

The Trust meets five times a year in the building or as required

Dates of 2018 meetings:  8th February, 19th April, 14th June, 6th September and 8th