Would you like to hire The Old Bluecoat School? Contact Ali Watkinson at enquiries.bluecoatschool@gmail.com. or phone 07570 097332

Lettings Calendar January – February 2020

The calendar below shows regular weekly hirers and where they will be during the building works. If you attend one of the pink highlighted activities, please contact Ali Watkinson for further information. Yoga on 3rd and 4th January and Miniaturists club on the 4th January will be held at the OBS.

Bookings can be taken for the OBS during December, before January 6th and after the work has been completed.

Regular bookings £8 ph throughout the week.      Casual bookings accepted as the timetable allows.  Hiring rate £8 ph Monday – Saturday, £10 ph on Sundays.

Friends of the Old Bluecoat School receive a 5% discount on their lettings