Friends of the Old Bluecoat School

We are encouraging everyone interested  in the future of The Old Bluecoat School to become a Friend. We will value your support and we shall be keeping all our Friends abreast of developments. As you will be aware, the exterior of the building has been re-furbished at a cost of £150K. We are now drawing up plans to remodel and refurbish the interior. All monies received from our Friends (£200 for life membership or £20 p.a.) is being held in a sinking fund for to meet future maintenance costs.

A Friend receives a 5% discount on hire charges in the building.
To find out more and for an application form, please download the become-a-friend-booklet

Friends of the Old Bluecoat School

Lifetime Membership

  • Richard Benyon MP
  • Bucklebury Estates
  • Mrs. J.D. Fishburn
  • Mr. Richard Foster
  • Ms. Louise Funnell
  • Mr. Willie Hartley-Russell
  • Ms. Susan Lloyd
  • Mr. Mrs. N. Rendall
  • Dr. C. Hill Williams
  • Mr. C. Williams OBE

Annual Membership

  • Mr. W.A. Clarke
  • Mr. James Forrester
  • Mrs. S. Fuller
  • Mr. T. Hultmark
  • Mr. M. Langford
  • Mrs. C. Skeggs
  • Mr. Mrs. R. Skelly
  • Ms. S.D. Steevenson
  • Mr. G. Thurgut
  • Mr. E. Valentine
  • Mrs. B. Wootton